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    Prayer Mapping Vol 1 - Mighty Prayers (pdf)

NEW !! Prayer Mapping Vol 2 - Spiritual Gifts (pdf)

"Prayer Mapping"

These instructional books have the potential
to literally change your life!  

* How can I use 'Prayer Mapping' to have 'Mighty Prayer'?
* How can I get answers to my prayers?
* How can I use Prayer to overcome some of my real weaknesses and improve my life?
* How do I know if it is the Lord talking to me, or just myself ... or worse, satan?
* How can I draw down the powers of heaven?
* What can I do to make my prayers with the Lord be more meaningful?
* How can I learn to invite the sweet promptings of the Lord more often?

  Just click one of the links
 and start reading and enjoying ...

it's free ... my gift to you.  

           Grandpa Dave :)

Listen to Grandpa Dave's Music

Musical Videos
Enjoy listening to my powerful
and inspirational hymn arrangements
and my own music.
Listen also to my verison of Chop-Sticks Boogie Woogie
and my performance on the tympani
in the Messiah production 

    Worshipping Christ Through Music   

In 2014, I  performed in a couple of musical firesides in Belgium and the other in Bordeaux, France.

This Youtube is a recording of the one of the performances in France.

The fireside also includes our good friend and famous French Opera Singer,
Alexis Defranchi.
Alexis - My Story

NEW!!! ...... Dee Hadley's
"So you Want to Marry (pdf)"
A Workbook to help with Mate Selection
and Preparing for Marriage


"Free Music Courses"

Learn to Play Simplified Hymns
in just a matter of days.

Six Hymns In Six Days

This course contains:

* An easy to use course book, flash cards, and templates

* Fun and entertaining Youtube Videos for each lesson (closed captioned in 50 different languages) These were filmed around the world to make learning more exiting and fun!

* Sheet Music for 50+ most favorite hymns (each hymn is written in four styles ... you pick the style you like best!)

smile piano

Learn to
Conduct Any Hymn In Minutes

This hour video will teach anyone how to conduct any hymn.
This is great for YM/YW groups to learn together.

 Never worry about how to conduct a hymn again!!

There are also examples of how to conduct in all the different time signatures (2/4, 6/8, 2/2, 3/4, 4/4).

I will also teach you how to conduct 'pickup notes' and how to hold during a 'fermata'.

Just follow along and you will amaze yourself!

Learn to
Play Any Church Organ


This one hour video will teach anyone who already knows how to play the piano to now play any church organ ... even how to use your feet and understand how to set the 'organ stops' .

You will sound amazing!!

Grandpa Dave's
FREE Software to help Food Pantries
"Food Pantry Assistant"

Food Pantry Assistant

Grandpa Dave's
Red-Letter Reader's Edition
of the
Book of Mormon

Red-Letter Reader's Edition
 of the Book of Mormon (PDF)

PLUS!!! Just the Words of the Savior in BOM (PDF)

This special edition of the Book of Mormon displays the scriptures in a reader's format .. with paragraphs, poetic formats, dialogue, etc.

Read the Book of Mormon again for the First Time!

All the words of the Savior are in RED.
All the words of Heavenly Father are in BLUE
All the words of Angels are in Bold Black

The Chapters and Verses are conveniently located on the left hand side of the page so as to not interfere with the scriptures.

There is a Summary Outline at the beginning of each of the books. These help you better understand what lies ahead in the book ... especially the Book of Alma.

The Words of Isaiah are display in a poetic format making them easier to understand.

Indentations are used when prophets quote other prophets who then quote yet other prophets. This way you can immediately understand who is talking.

Dialogues are put in Italics making it easier to understand them.

Enjoy finding additional hidden treasures in the Book of Mormon such as:

* See how Jacob 5 contains the longest recorded consecutive passage of the Savior's words in all the scriptures.

* See how in Ether, Moroni's 5 separate comments are separated out so you cn ponder them as they are directed to those in the latter-days.

* Finally, see how often the Savior is quoted as you flip through the pages. All his words are in RED making them stand out from all the other words.

The Owl That Didn't Give A Hoot

When I was 15,
I starred in this Walt Disney movie.

It took about a year to film in Park City, Utah.

It is about the adventures and misadventures
of a boy and his owl.

This was recorded off the front of a TV
with a video camera over 50 years ago!!
(so it is not too clear and sharp).

Enjoy seeing Grandpa Dave with Bright RED Hair!!

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