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       Prayer Mapping eBook (pdf)

"Prayer Mapping"
    A New Ebook from  Grandpa Dave !

 This informative book has the potential to literally change your life!   In this book you will find answers to the following questions:

* How can I use 'Prayer Mapping' to have 'Mighty Prayer'?
* Why can't I get answers to my prayers?
* How can I use Prayer to overcome some of my real weaknesses and improve my life?
* How do I know if it is the Lord talking to me, or just myself ... or worse, satan?
* How can I draw down the powers of heaven?
* What can I do to make my prayers with the Lord be more meaningful?
* How can I learn to invite the sweet promptings of the Lord more often?
  Just click on the book cover and start
       reading and enjoying ...

it's free ... my gift to you.                          
                               Grandpa Dave :)

    Worshipping Christ Through Music   

In 2014, Lurlynn and I  performed in a couple of musical firesides in Belgium and the other in Bordeaux, France.
This Youtube is a recording of the one in France.

The fireside also includes our good friend and
famous French Opera Singer,
Alexis Defranchi.
Alexis - My Story

The Owl That Didn't Give A Hoot

When I was 15, I starred in this Walt Disney movie.
It took about a year to film in Park City, Utah.
It is about the adventures and misadventures
of a boy and his owl.
This was taken off the TV with a video camera 20 years ago
so it is not too clear and sharp.


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