Food Pantry
Assistant Manual

FREE Software for Utah Food Pantries

"Food Pantry Assistant"

Bread Jesus
"For I was an hungred,
and ye gave me meat:
I was thirsty,
and ye gave me drink:
I was a stranger,
and ye took me in."

Matthew 25:35

And Jesus said unto them,
"I am the bread of life:
he that cometh to me
shall never hunger;
and he that believeth on me
shall never thirst".

John 6:35

I have designed and programmed a special system for Food Pantries. I am making it available to any food pantry in the state of Utah for FREE.

Several years ago a good friend of mine worked with the Bountiful Utah food Pantry. They didn't have a good way of  keeping track of the help they were providing to thousands of families. They were assisting with food, job assistance, financial assistance, and many other ways.

My friend asked if I could possibly help design a computer system to help them. When I went to the pantry and saw the great work that was being done and all the various types of needy people .. my heart was touched. I told him I would do whatever I could.  He shortly passed away and I decided to dedicate my extra time and efforts through the years in building this system. I call it the "Food Pantry Assistant"

At the end of each month, the volunteers would have to manually go through every daily records and track not only how many people were served but also collect all the demographics for each person and summarize them in reports. This took hours upon hours ... now it takes seconds.

Through the years many other food pantries in the state began using it. Catholic Community Services heard about the program and asked if they could use in their Salt Lake and Ogden Food Pantries. 

In 2012, I was invited to make a presentation of the system to all the Food Pantries in the state of Utah and the "Utah Hunger Conference". Since then the system has been installed in Park City, St. George, central Utah, and now is being implemented by the Salt Lake Community College to help needy students (first college in the nation to do this).

I am very grateful for my employer, Wells Fargo Bank as they have graciously allowed me to take time off each year to continue to help these food pantries with my system. Each year I try to make additional enhancements and modules to improve the system.

As I mentioned, I am making this computer system available FREE of charge to any Food Pantry in the state of Utah who wishes to use. I will help them set it up and design/program whatever additional custom features/report that  they may need.

If you know of any Food Pantry, be it a community, church, or private food pantry ... please let them know about this program. I have attached a PDF copy of the manual so they can see what the program does.

If they have any questions have them please contact me.

"Grandpa Dave" Potter